Our Activities


1. Children health check-up camp:

We organize health check up camps for children. Team of medical practioner headed over this camp. The doctor asses and counsel the patients & their parents. Also refer them to various Hospitals and Institutions to make them avail best of medical services.

2. Programs for child education:

We develops and field tests innovative educational programmes and trains resource people to implement these programmes. It functions through a network of education resource centers located in Madhya Pradesh.

3. Disaster risk reduction and emergencies:

We respond immediately to families affected by any natural disaster with food aid, water, and other essentials and also work for rehabilitation of affected families. We work to ensure that children and their families are better to cope with the emergencies and that preparedness programmes at community level.

4. Social security programs:

Organize and promote social security programs and training camps for awareness and empowerment of women and senior citizens.